Croatia : My Favourite Team Today

In August 2010, when I told my relatives, and friends outside the Ministry of External Affairs,  that I had been transferred to Zagreb, many of them had no clue either about that city, or the country of which it is the capital. In fact, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was better known to... Continue Reading →

A Toast to Spring in Delhi

It is a couple of weeks now that winter has said good-bye to Delhi.  The weather has turned balmy. There still is a hint of chill in the early mornings and late evenings, though the mid day heat is an indicator of the days ahead. It is that time of the year "when the dainty... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to “The Teacher”

When I think of the grand manner in which 5th September, the Teachers' Day is celebrated now, I feel sad for the teachers in our school days.  Back then,  beyond a hand-made card there was little more that we could give our teachers on this day to express our love and respect for them.  Teachers'... Continue Reading →

Jaya Hey, Bharata Bhagya Vidhata

  Myths seem to die hard. Especially so in this country where it is a popular pass-time of some people to find faults with anyone of great stature. As it happens, the common man, who has neither the time nor the desire to probe deep to find the truth, tends to believe a well-spun myth.... Continue Reading →

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