Who is afraid of Books?

The clarification that it was not Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, but a little known title "War and Peace in Jungle Mahal" authored by a journalist that was found objectionable by the police among other 'incriminating documents' in the much publicised case does little to cheer one up. Historically, rulers have always had a strange... Continue Reading →

A Journey to the Lap of Nature

  When a friend told me that there was a hill station in the state of Haryana  I couldn't believe it. Even some friends from Haryana itself were ignorant about its existence.   Thinking of Haryana the image that comes to mind is of a predominantly agricultural province, with some highly industrialised and modern cities,  glittering... Continue Reading →

Why I adore Swami Vivekananda

It started early - at an age when one was yet to learn reading. In those halcyon days children were not sent to school till they were old enough to join Grade I. In that golden period of life for us it was mostly playing, and maybe a bit of learning and memorising Bengali rhymes.... Continue Reading →

Croatia : My Favourite Team Today

In August 2010, when I told my relatives, and friends outside the Ministry of External Affairs,  that I had been transferred to Zagreb, many of them had no clue either about that city, or the country of which it is the capital. In fact, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was better known to... Continue Reading →

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